Delta V Plus with Kiel:

Measure oxygen (δ18O) and carbon (δ13C) isotopes to +/-0.06‰ (1sigma) on carbonates weighing 20-150micrograms/sample; throughput is 40 samples/day

JY-Horiba Ultima 2C Inductively Coupled Plasma
Optical Emission Spectrometer:

Measure ppb-level elemental concentration ratios (i.e. Sr/Ca) to +/-0.3% (1sigma); typical analysis requires 150micrograms of carbonate/sample; throughput is 60 samples/day

Picarro water isotope analyzer:

Measure oxygen (δ18O) and hydrogen (δD) isotopes in water samples to +/-0.1‰ and +/-0.5‰ (1sigma), respectively, using 1mL of sample; Throughput is 40 samples/day

Photo of ThermoFisher Delta V Plus with Kiel

JY-Horiba Ultima 2C


Picarro water isotope analyzer