Research Group   

Graduate students:

Stacy Carolin

Hussein Sayani

Jessica Moerman

Pamela Grothe

Postdoctoral students:

Jessica Conroy

Undergraduate students:

Elizabeth Wiggins (EAS)

Eleanor Middlemas (MATH)

Danja Mewes (EAS)

Past lab members:

Intan Suci Nurhati (PhD student, currently postdoc at MIT-Singapore)

Julien Emile-Geay (postdoc, currently Asst. Prof. at USC)

Jud Partin (PhD student, currently Research Scientist at UT Austin)

Laura Zaunbrecher (Master's student, currently PhD student at GSU)

Nitya Sharma (technician, currently bioengineering MS student, GT)

Kim Brady (undergrad, currently PhD student at GT)

Kathleen Salome (undergrad, currently NSF Graduate Research Fellow at GT)

Alison Graab (undergrad)

Anna Williams (undergrad, currently grad student at GT)

Jenni Williams (undergrad)

Sara Harrold (REU student, currently PhD student at UW)

Andrea Page (grad student)

Mindy Drinkuth (undergrad)

Matt Johnson (technician, currently grad student at GT)

lab photo

Dec 2012 lab photo. (Bottom row, from left):  Liz Wiggins, Stacy Carolin, (middle row, from
left):  Jessica Moerman, Jess Conroy, Eleanor Middlemas, Pamela Grothe, Ariana Lewis, and
Danja Mewes, (top row, from left):  Kim Cobb, Hussein Sayani


Jan 2012 lab members (from left):  Kim Cobb, Jessica Conroy, Jessica Moerman,
Eleanor Middlemas, Elizabeth Wiggins, Stacy Carolin, and Hussein Sayani

2010 Cobb lab group (from left):  Heather Crespo, Rebecca Kollmeyer, Krystle Stewart, Kim Cobb, Intan Suci Nurhati, Jessica Moerman, and Hussein Sayani

2008 Cobb lab group (from left):  Kim Cobb, Laura Zaunbrecher, Julien Emile-Geay, Allison Graab, Jud Partin, Nitya Sharma, Intan Suci Nurhati, Hussein Sayani, and
Matt Johnson (ex-lab member)



2006 Cobb lab group (from left):  Jud Partin, Kim Cobb, Kim Brady, Intan Suci Nurhati,
Matt Johnson, and Sara Harrold