NOTE: This schedule is subject to change depending on speaker availability and/or important news items. Click here for the 2015 schedule

Date Topics, Deadlines, and Slides
Jan 11 Introduction [ppt]
Jan 13 Overview of global and national energy usage and trends [ppt]
Jan 18 no class
Jan 20 Carbon Reduction Challenge, team formation and brain storming
Jan 25 Guest Lecture - Dr. Randall Guensler,
Brief 1 assigned
Jan 27 Energy trends and outlooks [ppt]
Feb 1 Hydro-fracking
Brief 1 due by 3:05pm
Feb 3 Guest Lecture - Georgia Power
Feb 8 The Science of Climate Change
Rough plans for Carbon Reduction Challenge
Feb 10 The Science of Climate Change (continued)
Feb 15 Methane
Feb 17 The Kyoto Protocol
Feb 22 The Kyoto Protocol (continued)
Final plans for CRC due
Feb 24 Guest Lecture - Richard Barke
Brief 2 Assigned
Feb 29 Guest Lecture - Marilyn Brown
Mar 2 The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
Brief 2 due by 3:05pm
Mar 7 California Cap & Trade
Mar 9 Renewable Portfolio Standards
CRC Progress Update, 1 slide presentations
Mar 14 Carbon sequestration
Mar 16 Nuclear
Mar 28 Guest Lecture - Ken Mitchell, EPA
Mar 30 Nuclear Energy, Guest Lecture by Bojan Petrovic
CRC Progress Reports due
Apr 4 Georgia Power Renewable Energy
Guest Lecture - Marc Vinson, Will Hobbs
Brief 3 due by 3:05pm
Apr 6 Clean coal: the future of electricity in the South East?
Apr 11 From Waste to Energy, Plasma Gascification
Guest Lecture by Dr. Louis Circeo
Apr 13 Wind Energy
Apr 18  
Apr 20 CRC Presentations
Apr 25 CRC Presentations
May 4 CRC Poster Session, 2:50pm in ES&T Atrium