Dr. Ellery D. Ingall


Office 2130                                                                   

Ford Environmental Science & Technology Building

Phone: (404) 894 - 3883                                                 

Fax: (404) 894 - 5638

Email: ellery.ingall@eas.gatech.edu



School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA 30332

Current Fields of Interest:

Understanding the chemistry of marine, terrestrial and atmospheric environments;  Investigating the controls on natural water productivity, through studies of the key nutrient elements, phosphorus and nitrogen;  Exploring metal and phosphorus cycling in marine organisms and atmospheric aerosols using synchrotron based x-ray spectromicroscopy; Developing new  techniques for characterizing organic molecules in natural waters such as electrodialysis combined with reverse osmosis; Improving K-12 Earth Science Education in Georgia.