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Dana Ionita
Dr. Jeremy Riousset -- Postdoctoral Fellow (December 2010-present)

Research Interests:
Atmospheric electrodynamics, Martian ionosphere and dynamo region, lightning processes, modeling electromagnetic fields and currents in the atmosphere

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Graduate Students
Xin Cao Placeholder Image
Xin Cao -- PhD Student (August 2012-present)

Research Interests:
Plasma processes in the Outer Solar System
John placeholder image John Hale -- Masters Student (August 2012-present)

Research Interests:
Plasma dynamic modeling, ion-neutral interactions
Katie Katie Milway -- PhD Student (August 2011-present)

Research Interests:
Eruptive dynamics, modeling of Enceladus-Saturn interactions
Dana Ionita
Alexia Payan -- Masters Student (January 2011-present)

Research Interests:
Auroral processes, dynamic modeling of Ganymede-Jupiter interactions
Chuanfei Dong Ashok Rajendar -- PhD Student (January 2011-present)

Research Interests:
Saturnian magnetospheric dynamics, Io's interior and coupling to the Jovian magnetosphere, modeling magnetospheric interactions

Former Grad Students
Dana Ionita
Dana Ionita -- On extended leave for Service: Air National Guard

Research Interests:
Schumann Resonance in Titan's Atmosphere, Extracting Titan's Low Altitude Ionospheric Profile from Cassini Radio Science Data

Chuanfei Dong Chuanfei Dong -- Masters Degree, December 2010
                               Currently in the U Michigan PhD Program

Research Interests:
Non-Resonant Alfven Wave Heating in Partially Ionized Space Plasmas, Heating Mechanisms in the Solar Chromosphere

Masters Thesis Title: "Heating of Ions by Low-frequency Alfven Waves in the Solar Atmosphere"


Stoyan Ivanov Physics -High energy plasma at Ganymede
Maria Rusert GSU - Physics -Plasma interactions at Mercury
John Hale Currently in the Georgia Tech Graduate Program -Mars Atmospheric Electrodynamics
Derek Podowitz
(UGrad Thesis)
Currently in the Texas A& M graduate program
Thesis title: "Modelling Energetic-Charged Particles within the Europa-Jupiter Environment" -- Spring 2011
Carlos Carrera Currently at Neothermal Energy Solutions - Mars' Ionospheric Electrodynamics
Thom Muccillo B.S. 2012 - Europa's Subsurface Ocean

At Georgia Tech:

Dr. Bobby Braun (Aerospace Engineering)

Dr. Josef Dufek (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)

Dr. James Wray (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)

Dr. Thom Orlando (Chemistry)

Dr. Dave Spencer (Aerospace Engineering)

Dr. Paul Steffes (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Dr. Mitchell Walker (Aerospace Engineering)


Dr. Chris Arridge (Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UK)

Dr. Scott England (SSL - UC Berkeley)

Dr. Matt Fillingim (SSL - UC Berkeley)

Dr. Caitriona Jackman (University College London)

Dr. Catherine Johnson (University of British Columbia)

Dr. Ariah Kidder (University of Washington)

Dr. Rob Lillis (SSL - UC Berkeley)

Dr. Bill Paterson (Goddard Space Flight Center)

Dr. Kurt Retherford (Southwest Research Institute)

Dr. Daniel Santos Costa (Southwest Research Institute)

Dr. Todd Smith (Johns Hopkins APL)

Dr. Hunter Waite (Southwest Research Institute)

Dr. Paul Withers (Boston University)

Dr. Robert Winglee (University of Washington)

Research Interstests: Space Physics, Magnetospheric Science, Planetary Physics, Comparative Planetology